Whats going on in the world of a Freelance Cameraman / Director of Photography London?

A look at my recent shoots, news and behind the scenes on my work as a cameraman.

Sharing my thoughts on any new cameras and equipment from a cameraman’s perceptive. Keep checking back here to see the latest.

Northumberland filming

Continuing my cameraman commissions with The Order Of Malta, the director and took a seven hour drive to film in the national park. This section is to included in an upcoming short film about Lourdes and the annual pilgrimage that The Order do a fabulous job of...

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‘Second Coming’ Film Second Coming is a british film by Debbie Tucker Green starring Nadine Marshall and Idris Elba. I first worked with Debbie years ago on her first short film for Channel Four and then again on her first feature, 'Random'...

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New – Drone Filming Services

More and more people are turning to Drone cameras to add a special shot to there films. And now it can be low cost to do so. I have teamed up with a qualified Drone Pilot to operate alongside for specialised filming services. The law on drones can be grey at times and...

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The Heart of the Order

After a year in production. I am pleased to say that this documentary film is finished for the english language. It will be translated into several other languages and distributed around the world. Produced for The Order of Malta organisation it looks at the life of a...

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The Big Issue Walk 2015

Shot on a cold winter's night in Central London for The Big Issue. As well as being the Cameraman i also edited this promo video for the charity. We got to interview some of the people taking part to raise money for the big issue. As well...

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Highlights – Filming the Pope

This was one of the highlights for 2014. Getting hired as a cameraman to film the Pope in Rome. This is for a documentary that i had been producing throughout the year. The Heart of the Order was commissioned by The Order Of Malta Charity. It has members worldwide. It...

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VE Day Stop motion shoot

This was an interesting shoot in Clapham, London. I was hired as a cameraman to film this mix of stop motion and dog actor fun promo. Made to compile a video for VE day. One highlight was filming a British Bulldog on a white table. They say never work with animals but...

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How to become a cameraman?

This a question I get asked a lot. "how did you get into being a cameraman"? Like any other job is the answer really but people don't ever ask "how did you get to work in construction"? There is a divide of people that think working in a creative workplace is...

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Traveling Cameraman One good thing about being a freelance cameraman is your only ever a phone call away from a filming job aboard. Now the world is such a small space, with cheap flights all over Europe. I can get to Amsterdam to film an interview with a CEO...

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Video Production for House Of Fraser

With my background as a magician I was approached as the perfect choice to film and direct a new video for House Of Fraser. I worked with Production Company Shoot The Company to concept and cast the Magically Styling Video. Using Magician Keelan Leyser to fill the...

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McDonald’s Happy Readers TITLE - 'Mcdonald's' CREDIT - Cameraman LOCATION - London FORMAT - Canon C300 BROADCAST - Online / Picture Farm Studios They say never work with kids but this wasn't that bad! I was booked by Picture Farm Studios to film this short video to...

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Cameraman filming in Dublin

As part of an ongoing documentary video production I have been shooting this year I was invited to film in Dublin. The video is for The Order Of Malta which is a Global organisation. We follow the story of what's involved in becoming a full knight of The Order of...

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Booking a UK London camera crew

If you're planning to visit the UK to film then getting a professional local camera crew should be top of the list. When you hire a camera crew and cameraman in any country, you want to be in the knowledge that they are experienced and professional.  Overseas video...

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Choosing a Freelance Cameraman

Deciding on a cameraman and camera crew to film your video production can throw up some unexpected results. If you google Lighting cameraman in London for instance you get a lot of listings come up. How can you be sure that you are picking a professional camera...

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New Camera Support Kit

I have a new Canon 5DMK3 Camera Kit and Rig ! I have had an upgrade. After a lot of research and time on google I have purchased my new camera and handheld support. I have used a lot of camera supports and have been pretty unimpressed with a majority of them. So when...

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‘Random’, BAFTA – Camera Operator

'Random' won a 'BAFTA for Best Single Drama'. I was booked as Second Camera Operator after working with the director, Debbie Tucker Green, on her previous short film for Channel Four. Great project to work on as it tested the realms of how we shoot films. Set between...

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