Hillsong & Compassion - Uganda Film

Director of Photography - Africa, Uganda

TITLE – ‘Hillsong & Compassion UK film’ In partnership with Drummer Agency

CREDIT – Director of Photography

LOCATION – Uganda, Africa

FORMAT – Sony FS7 (SLog 3)

BROADCAST – Internet Viral / Online

My third trip as a DoP filming in Africa, and this time to Uganda with the charity Hillsong and Compassion UK.

We spent the week filming a local family with a disabled father and the challenges that it brings. Not only is the poverty real but the father of the family can’t walk in what is already a difficult environment.

It with It was a privilege to spend the week filming and getting to know the local family, and how they live. Following the struggles that poverty brings them and the help and hope that the charity has been able to provide.

We approached the shooting style in a cinematic way with lots of slow motion 150fps being used and shooting into the sun when ever possible to backlight utilize the lovely african glowing sunlight.




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