My good friends @telegraphmediagroup have created a 360 video with former #stig, Ben Collins. Is this the future for #cameramen?

This video was created to provide a 3D virtual realty driving experience. You can view it at some trade show with a virtual reality headset. But most of us won’t get to do that. But that’s why this is so cool!

It can work on devices such as iPhones and Tablets via the YouTube app. (You can use a desktop computer but it is not as cool). Using the devices built in motion sensor and compass the videos angle of view changes depending on where you point the device. Giving a front row fully 360 degree of a fast lap around the racing circuit with Ben Collins. Try it!

Is this the way cameraman are destined to see the world? The technology might be getting that way. Will I ever have a camera feed being taken directly from my eye?  I for one hope that never happens!