Why Shoot 4K for your film?


4K resolution has become more popular in the last few years with 4K cameras, such as the Sony FS7 becoming increasing cheaper and accessible in price. Even some mobile phones can shoot 4K!


But why should you consider filming in 4K when your only going to be viewing it in standard HD 1920x1080? Well hear are a few reasons…

Visual Effects

The 4x times resolution 4K offers can make adding motion effects and video layering much easier in post production. Resizing video frames for different effects without loosing quality. More Pixels means greater flexibility. But it does mean larger files sizes and more data that your computer will have to cope with.

Interview filming

For me this is one of the biggest befits that 4K offers in day to day filming. It gives the option of shooting a head and shoulders interview in a wider mid shot frame. Then in the edit you are able to zoom in on the 4K frame and resize inside a 1920x1080 HD project. Thus getting a wide shot and closeup shot out of one camera!

You do give up some creativity that different angles in a two camera setup will afford. However it is very useful for shooting down the line and giving you the flexibility in the edit to cut between two shot sizes if B-roll and cutaways is sparse.

Future Proofing

With out doubt 4K recording is here to stay, and it will only go from 4K to 8K to 16K in the future as technology changes. And it will all happen quicker than you might think. So shooting your films now in 4K will help future proof that footage or archive material for future viewings and use in other films. It was only 8 years ago that we where still filming in Standard Definition before HD took over.

The X Factor?

4K recording has the X Factor at the moment and is the buzz word. You only need to look at adverts for new high street cameras and mobile phones to see it being used to engage new customers. Shooting 4K video for your clients is an up-sell tool that can add an immediate X Factor to your production and pitch. But you need to remember that hard drive space and storage costs go up and check that your iMac will handle the file sizes.

Sony FS7 Crop Factor

Although not a reason for shooting 4K it is worth mentioning this benefit that the Sony FS7 4K Sensor offers. Because the sensor is 4K in size when you recording in HD 1920x1080 you have the option to crop to the middle of the 4K sensor. What this means? A 50mm lens becomes a 100mm, a 200mm lens turns into a 400mm. This has proven very useful for macro filming and when a longer lens is needed at events etc. Meaning you don’t need to carry around lots of extra lenses and is a great quick fix to help cover every eventuality.

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