Sony PXW-FS7 Camera just keeps getting better with the latest V4 Firmware update from Sony.

Admittedly the extra features list is not as big a leap that v3 to v3.10 was. Firmware V4 does not offer a huge change but every little does help and some of the features will be welcomed by some users.

For me the biggest and best change is the video signal monitor function. It has been adjusted to be a ble to use a LUT on the viewfinder but show the waveform for s-log3 and vice versa. But an argument is it could be confusing if you don’t check what you are set for properly.Sony FS7

Features list for new V4 Firmware on Sony FS7-

  • 1. Support for Flexible Spot in Focus setting.
  • 2. Support for XAVC-I 4K 24.00P.
  • 3. Display for Video Signal Monitor is improved.
  • 4. Operability of S&Q setting by assignable button is improved.
  • 5. Remove Basic Authentication from items saved in all file.
  • 6. Auto knee stability is improved.
  • 7. Overall stability and operability of the camera is improved.

You can download the NEW SONY FS7 V4 FIRMWARE HERE.


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